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It can be very frustrating when you stuck at home and your car is not starting because of a dead car battery. Michanic has a number of mobile mechanics in Gauteng and Cape Town that will come to you to replace your car battery. Booking online is quick and instant. In just a few clicks, you could be back on the road again.

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A regular lead-acid car battery for a small car can be bought for between R900 and R1200 while a top of the range AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) car battery which is mostly installed in modern cars with stop/start functionality can cost more than R5000. Using the right battery in your car is very important as some electronics might not function as expected if the incorrect battery is installed in your car.

The most common of car batteries like a lead-acid battery usually lasts three to four years. However, depending on the additional aftermarket electronics added to the car and in some cases environmental factors such as temperature and humidity and corrosion around the battery terminals, these factors may shorten your battery lifespan.

Driving your car around the block and leaving idling for a while, might nominally charge your flat battery, however it will not provide enough charge for it to last and you will be back to square one in no time. If the battery is still healthy with no dead cells, it may be possible to charge the battery using the charger system.

Yes. stop/start vehicles tend to put extra load on the car battery – Most cars with start/stop system will require an AGM battery as normal batteries are unable to deal with the extra load on the car.

Yes, the battery will eventually go flat if your car is parked for extended periods. this is due to the fact that even when the car is not running, your car uses battery power to power the car alarm systems and other control modules. This can be easily avoided however.

The battery warning light, strictly speaking, is not an indication of the status of the battery. Rather, it is an indicator of a problem with the battery charging system. While the fault may indeed turn out to be the battery, the problem could also be down to loose wiring, a loose drive belt or, and this is the most likely suspect, the alternator.

Yes, Michanic is a proud RMI Accredited member. This further validates our commitment to provide quality service.

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Incredibly prompt service

Incredibly prompt service, emailed at 9am, confirmed quote at 11, Mechanic was there at 3pm. No hassles, tyre kicking attempts at up selling. Actually convinced me to do less work on the car because it wasn’t needed. Would definitely use again if I have any issues.

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Nathan R

Great service!

I had a very good experience with servicing my car through Michanic. I booked the service for the next day and Tebogo phoned me about an hour earlier than I had booked and said he could come earlier if it suits me. He did not mind explaining all sorts of things to me and it was really hassle-free.

Would most certainly use them again, especially since they come to you and I don’t have to use an entire day to take my car to a dealership for a service.

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Bennie V

Amazing Job

Amazing job and the best part is that they can come to your home. Will definitely use them forever

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Thulani K

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