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Auto Electrical Inspection By the Best Auto Electricians From Michanic

We all know that the heart of your car is the engine, these days, newer cars are equipped with a lot of electronic devices to ensure optimum performance and increased life span. All the electronics in your car, when working well, they offer great comfort, convenience and safety. However, when things do go wrong with the electronics, it can be very frustrating and confusing.

Basics Of the electronic systems

Newer cars have a very complex electrical system. Did you know that modern cars have a 4km cumulated length of electrical wires? in the cars electrical system you also find solenoids, resistors, switches, relays, ecu’s and more however, as complex as the system is, it is relatively easy to understand the basic operations.

All electrical components in a car has its own individual circuit. If your car has an electrical fault, this means that one of these circuits is not working properly. This is can be caused by damaged sensor, fuse, relay or wiring damage. In some cases only a single component can be affected and in some instances the entire system can fail.

Common Electrical Issues

  • Blown Fuse: The fuse acts as a safeguard against voltage spikes. If too much electricity flows through the wires, the fuse blows, breaking the circuit.
  • Wiring Damage: Wiring can be caused by anything and can happen anywhere. The most common causes of wiring damaged are rust/corrosion and rodent damage.
  • Failed Relay: Relays are pretty much like big fuses. In most cases, when all your electronics fail, the cause could be the main relay. This relay safeguards the ECU as in some cars the fuel pump.
  • Broken Alternator: Usually fails during car operation. You will see a battery light come on while driving. when this happens, it may mean that your alternator failed or it is not generating power (could be because of a broken belt). When this happens the car pulls all its power from the battery and once all the battery power runs out, the car may not operate.

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