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Engine Overhaul: first symptoms of a potential defect

The first signs of engine damage should be eliminated as soon as possible, as they can lead to consequential damage. In the worst case scenario, the result is a total write-off: the engine fails, the vehicle breaks down and the defective engine has to be replaced. Damage to the engine not only poses considerable safety risks for the driver and all other road users, it can also be very expensive. Pay attention to the following abnormalities when starting and while driving:

  • Starting problems or “stalling” the engine

  • Persistent fuel odor

  • Unusual noises from the engine compartment (clacking, rattling, knocking)

  • Reduced engine power

  • Increased oil consumption or loss

  • Loss of cooling water

  • Thick white or blue smoke from the exhaust

  • Foam build-up on the inside of the oil cap

  • Dirt or even metal chips in the engine oil

Engine overhaul at Michanic: Save up to 35% of the repair costs

We at Michanic work together with over 30 specialist in Gauteng and Cape Town. Our mechanics are specilists and we will assign the perfect service partner for your individual vehicle model. With Michanic as your repair partner, you also have many advantages:

  • Free consultation from engine experts

  • Up to 35% savings on comparison offers 
  • A minimum of 12 months warranty 

  • Specialists for all brands and models

With us you are on the safe side when it comes to engine repairs. Simply follow our booking. After you have answered a few short questions, we will connect you with your expert mechanic.

Common Causes Of Engine Damage

  • Torn timing belt/chain

  • Lack or loss of oil (lack of lubrication)

  • Overheating (e.g. due to lack of cooling water)

  • Continue driving despite incorrect fueling

  • Over-revving engine (wrong driving style)

  • Engine damage from water hammer

How Does An Engine Overhaul Work

Depending on the extent of the damage, a new engine or a repair is particularly worthwhile for high-quality vehicles, while used replacement engines are also used for cars with a low residual value. There are many interventions in this area: repairs vary greatly, depending on which parts are affected and the degree of damage. If it is worth repairing the defective motor, the following steps are required:

Working on the engine block

  • The engine is removed from the car, all cables and engine mounts are loosened.

  • The gearbox is separated from the engine.

  • The ancillary units are checked for condition and function.

  • The engine block is measured and, if necessary, ground flat. In addition, it is honed or jacked out and a final ultrasonic cleaning of the cylinder is carried out.

  • The pistons are measured, checked and, if necessary, replaced.

  • The connecting rods are checked and, if necessary, replaced.

  • The crankshaft is checked for cracks, balanced and then polished.

  • Piston rings, main and connecting rod bearings are renewed.

  • The oil control rings are replaced.

  • The chain sets are completely renewed or a timing belt change is carried out, including new chain tensioners, tensioners and pulleys.

  • The water pump and all seals are renewed.

Work on the cylinder head and valve cover

  • The cylinder head is ground flat, pressed and cleaned with ultrasound.
  • The valve seats are milled and the valve guides replaced.

  • The cylinder head gasket and cylinder head bolts are replaced.

  • Valve stem seals, inlet / outlet valves and hydraulic / valve lifters are replaced

General engine repair work

  • The oil pan gasket and all oil seals are replaced.

  • The engine is sealed and sealed.

  • Air, oil and fuel filters are replaced.

  • All engine fluids such as oils and coolants are renewed with quality products.

  • If necessary, the air conditioning system is refilled and checked for functionality.

  • If necessary, the front and rear axles are re-measured and adjusted.

  • The newly installed parts are recoded.

  • The fault memory is erased and a smooth running measurement is carried out.

  • The engine block is reinstalled and an all-round check is carried out.

  • A load test and a test drive complete the engine repair.

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