What Is The difference Between A Major Service And A Minor Service?

What Is The difference Between A Major Service And A Minor Service? We Unpack It For You

Most people are not really sure what car service is due and are usually confronted with the question, “Do you want a major service or a minor service? There are two levels of serviced that you will hear about most of the time. these are minor service or major service. We have provided a handy illustration below and hope that it explains it all.

Difference between minor and major service

Minor Service Explanation

A minor service is the most basic of all car services. It is usually recommended every 15000KM’s and typically consists of an oil change and an oil filter change, it should also include various checks to ensure that your car is in good condition. The checks will include brake pads, coolant levels, leaks and other components.

Mobile mechanics do these checks and any additional work to be done after the checks is usually communicated upfront prior to any work carried out.

Major Service Explanation

A major service is usually recommended every 30 000KM and it is the most comprehensive of all car services. It is a complete overall check on the car. The parts that are usually replaced during a major service, are spark plugs, all filters. A comprehensive 21 point check is performed by reputable garages and mobile mechanics and all issues found are reported and their severity should be reported.

Be aware that different car workshops and mechanics name the services differently, in terms of mileage etc, however, just check your quote on what is included. try to also compare quotes to get the best deals.

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Please note that additional work may be required during a major service as per manufacture schedule. For example, VW/Audi advise that your serpentine belts should be changed every 90 000KM. At Michanic we will advise you on what other services you should consider when you book your major or minor service with us.

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