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We bring 600+ repair and maintenance services straight to your doorstep! Think oil changes, brakes, diagnostics, belts, hoses, and more – we handle it all, wherever you are, saving you precious time and hassle.

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Major Service in Pretoria East: Michanic’s Thorough Solution for Optimal Car Health

A major service is a comprehensive checkup that keeps your car in peak condition. It goes beyond routine maintenance for deeper inspection and replacements. Michanic brings major car service expertise straight to your home or office in the Pretoria East area.

What’s Included in a Major Service?

While specifics vary by car model, a major service typically involves:

  • All elements of a minor service (oil change, filters, fluid checks, etc.)
  • In-depth inspection of brakes, suspension, steering systems
  • Spark plug replacement (if needed)
  • Replacement of belts and hoses as necessary
  • Comprehensive diagnostics and troubleshooting

Why Choose Michanic for Your Major Service in Pretoria East?

  • Convenience Unmatched: No need to take your car to a workshop – we come to you!
  • Expertise You Can Trust: Michanic’s certified mechanics ensure a thorough and accurate service.
  • Pricing Upfront: Get transparent quotes before work starts, eliminating surprises.
  • Complete Peace of Mind: Our 1000+ positive reviews and 4.4-star rating reflect our commitment to excellent service.

5 Signs Your Car is Due for a Major Service

  1. High Mileage: Check your car’s manual for recommended major service intervals.
  2. Performance Decline: Noticeable loss of power, fuel efficiency, or handling issues.
  3. Unusual Noises or Vibrations: These can indicate wear on critical components.
  4. Approaching a Long Trip: Get a major service for peace of mind on the road.
  5. It’s Been a While: If you can’t remember your last major service, it’s probably time!

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