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Car Not Starting? Car Over Heating? Engine Light On? Get It Sorted With Our Car Diagnostic Service

Car diagnostic inspection is the first step to fixing your car. If your car is over-heating, not starting and/or has a funny noise, you need to check it out immediately. At Michanic, we have the tools and skills to quickly diagnose your cars’ problem an help you fix them and we come to you. If you looking for a solution to your cars’ problems, look no further. Book A Mobile Car Diagnostic Inspection today.


If possible a mechanic will endeavor to fix the issue identified during the inspection time booked for. In many cases, though, new parts will be necessary to fix the problem. Should this be the case, then the mechanic will quote you for the labour and parts needed to fix the problem.

When you agree with the quote then the mechanic will try and source the parts and fix the problem at a later time. In some cases, though, due to non-availability of the parts or a shortage of time needed for the repair, it might mean that the mechanic will have to return on another day.

All our diagnostic inspections cost between R 700.00 and R 1200.00 depending on the problem you are experiencing. Remember, you can find and book the inspections to match your car’s problem in the Inspections section on . It’s super simple and quick; just put in your location and follow the instructions.

If you cannot find the inspection you need in our menu on our site, please contact us on 087 803 9000.

In this case the mechanic will give you a quote for the labour and parts that are needed to address the problem. If you agree, the mechanic will endeavour to get the parts and return at another time you agree to. In some cases, due to non-availability of parts in your area, this might mean that the mechanic will not be able to return until another day.

Yes, we will send you a comprehensive diagnostic report. This will not only have the issues we found, but also the recommendation to fix it as well.

This Is What Our Customers Say

“Excellent service from Michanic.”

Customer Testimonial
Lisa VMINI, COOPER , COUNTRYMAN ,2013

“Truly a caring and professional service.”

Customer Testimonial
Bazukile DHyundai, ACCENT , 1.6 GL/MOTION ,2012

“Their service was friendly, caring and professional.”

Customer Testimonial
Patrick LMercedes Benz, C-Class , C180 ,2000

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