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Michanic Can Get Your Car Running Smoothly Again. We can fix car losing power or misfire issues.

When your engine misfires, one or more cylinders fail to fire resulting in a loss of power.  A loss of power however could be due to a few other issues that are not related to a misfiring engine. Michanic has a large network of vehicle specialist mechanics who will be able to inspect and diagnose why your car is misfiring and/or losing power and fix it.

Why Your Car is Losing Power or Misfiring – 4 Common Causes

  • Ignition Issue

    This can either be bad or worn out spark plugs or ignition coils, or an issue with the wiring and connectivity to these components.

  • Lean Air/Fuel Mixture

    If your engine is not getting enough fuel or it’s getting too much air (running lean), the fuel in the cylinder might not burn resulting in a misfire.

  • Mechanical Issues

    Low compression is a common cause for misfiring. There are a lot of moving parts in an engine that can cause low compression, with valves being the main suspect.

  • Electronic Problems

    The most common electronic issue that results in misfiring is a faulty Mass Airflow Sensor (MAF). Other electronic causes include wiring or computer issues disrupting the timing of fuel injection or spark.

Car Losing Power

My Car isn’t Misfiring, But It’s Losing Power?

If your vehicle is not misfiring but there is a lack of power, you likely have a blocked exhaust manifold, a bad or slipping clutch, or a sensor malfunction. Besides the MAF sensor there are also oxygen sensors, crankshaft sensors, camshaft position sensors and other sensors related to the EFI system. If there is a sensor malfunction with one of these sensors the engine could misfire.

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