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Changes to Diagnostic inspections
We’re constantly looking to improve the Michanic system – to give our customers a better service and make it easier for you to supply customers with the information they need. To help with that we’ve made a small change to Diagnostic inspections – so here’s the details:

  1. You must add at least 1 “Fault identified” to any diagnostic inspection, to say what you found during the check. This will show up on the customer’s receipt and serves as a record if the customer contacts the Michanic customer support team. This will mean you can’t forget to add a note, and adds value to the customer.
  2. If you aren’t able to fix the problem in this visit, or to complete the follow on repairs, let us know why and we’ll help the customer arrange with a specialist or let them know they should look elsewhere.
  3. If you can do the work – send the customer a quote, once they agree we’ll offer that work to you directly. You won’t be competing with any other mechanics for the follow on job.

No, we don’t ask for any upfront, monthly fees or similar to join our network.

You can apply to join the Michanic’s network at www.michanic.co.za/for-mechanics/. Please fill out the form on the page, we will then review your application and get in touch in due course to set up an interview.

Usually we will endeavour to get back to you on the same day that you submit your application, but this will ultimately depend on our mechanic support team. But don’t worry, it’s usually the case that you could be up and running and ready to take on your first job through the service within a couple of days!

We are always looking to add new mechanics to our network of mechanics. Whereas we have a great team signing up new mechanics all across the country every single day, we do need more mechanics still!

As such we recently launched a referral programme and it’s an easy way to make some extra money. All you need to do is get your mechanic mates on Michanic and it couldn’t be simpler. When you refer a mechanic you’ll get R250.00 once they complete their first 3 jobs. It’s that easy!

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Speak to your mechanic mate & tell them about us at Car Care click
  2. Contact our Sales : [email protected] & give him the contact details of your mate
  3. Sales will call them up to onboard them, and once they’ve completed the first 3 jobs we’ll thank you with R 250.00*

We’re growing super quickly, so we need more mechanics to fill the bookings coming in! More mechanics on the network means we can improve our coverage across the country. That means we can get you more jobs!

*Mechanic must complete 3 jobs with Care Care Click
*R250.00 will be in a form of a voucher*
*Michanic reserves the right to remove the promotion at any time
*Referrals of mechanics who are currently, or have ever been, on the network will be declined

All payments are made electronically after a job has been completed through our secure payment provider. This is to ensure all payments are logged and transparent for all parties involved.

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