The Basics

We take all payments through our site, when you make a booking you will be asked to either pay by card(paygate), EFT (Ozow) or get it on credit (Fasta).

When you make payment for your booking be assured that your details are sent over SSL to a secure third party named Paygate (for Cards), Ozow (for eft) and Fasta (for credit) for payment, who meet bank-level PCI-DSS security standards.

Should you be unhappy with the work that was carried out by the mechanic please contact us. We will launch an investigation to ascertain whether any work was not carried out correctly and if the issue can be resolved amicably and satisfactory to all parties involved. If it’s not possible to find an amicable resolution to the case, then we will decide if a full or partial refund is justified based on the evidence provided by you and the mechanic.

If you wish to raise an issue with us, please contact us.

Once we issue a refund, the money will be on your way instantly if paid by card, it might take a moment to show up in your account due to the processing speed at the banks involved. If payment was via EFT, you will need to provide us with your banking details and the refund will be processed on the first Friday.

A refund from us is instantaneous if paid by card, though, the moment when the funds will be available on your account again will depend on the processing speed of your bank. If the payment was EFT, we will require your banking details

If your card has been declined it could be that there is a technical issue with your credit card, in other cases it might be that adequate funds is not available on your card. Please get in touch with us if we have not already done so, we will try to assist you in solving the issue as much as we can.

Before sending a mechanic out to you we need to have a payment done already via card or EFT (Proof of Payment required).

Yes, in this way all payments remain transparent and it will ensure that we have the ability to refund you for work by the mechanic that you are not happy with.

No, we only take credit cards, debit cards and EFT which we take at the point of booking, to ensure that all payments made are logged and transparent to all. It will, moreover, protect you in case you are not happy with any work that the mechanic has undertaken, this way we will have the ability to refund any work undertaken by the mechanic. We would not be able to enforce that with a cash payment. Importantly, it will mean you will always have the added security of your bank’s card protection.